Mobvet Farmers' Equipments in the private sector plays decisive roles in Uganda's agricultural transformation today, fostering productivity improvements and creating jobs and value in supply of quality veterinary and farm equipments to the farmers.

Most companies that account for most agriculture and Animal tools and equipments  are based in developed countries,where their technologies have considerable and growing importance for developing countries like Uganda. Farmers have therefore always found it hard for them to manage their farms due to lack of modern tools to access within Uganda.

That's why Mobvet Farmers' Equipments are here for you just like a maid servant for all your requirements in quality Animal and Agriculture farm equipments and tools right from the from quality manufacturers overseas right to your farm gates. Just name it and you have it in the most convenient way possible.

We shall also train you on usage,service and maintainance of all equipment you acquire from us.


We bring for you the following categories;  Animal Identification tools, Animal handling equipments, Pet tools, Dairy Equipments, Professional Veterinary tools, Animal Drinking systems, Dehorning tools, Castration tools, Greenhouse nets and NurserySeedlingtrays, Motorised sprayers, Silage making machines, Silage storage bags,Vaccine carriers, Protective ware and machines for removing maize from corbs and the latest tools on market...

Products in our shop include;
■ Agricultural Equipments like knapsack and its spare systems.
■ gunboat, Greenhouse nets, hand hoes, Rakes, Nsululu, soil augers, and nursery bed tools, Wheelbarrows, and spades, pruners, secateurs, axe, slashers, and garden gloves and planting machines.
■ Motorised sprayers,Man maker football pumps, Bucket pump sprayers, Motorised water pumps, and sprinklers
■ Silage making machines,Silage storage bags, Molasses, and IMO solutions, And pasture seeds.and chuff cutters.
■ Drums, Jericans and backnuts and Pig feeders long ones.
■ Surgical kits and AI kits and field kit boxes for vets

■ Nitrogen cylinders and Vaccine carriers
■ Milk cans and milking buckets, Fridge thermometer, milking machines,
■ Teat cannulars and teat dip solution
■ Fish nets and fish feeds, pH meters, lime, disc for testing water, fishing hooks,
■ Concentrate feeds for animals like pellets for chicken,rabbits and mineral blocks with milk supplements.
■ Farm wear like the overall, boats, gloves, helmets, reflector jackets etc
■ Bee equipments like bee suit, hives, bee knives,bee smokers, etc
■ Animal restraints etc.
■  Storage bags.

You can always get in touch with us through Facebook, Google bussiness,WhatsApp,IMO.. and we shall always agree on the best way to deliver our services to you.

We are reliable and determined to growing our relationship with our clients and therefore delivering quality and timely services is our priority.

● We do use bodaboda around kampala.
We also use cargo trucks and through buses to all regions allover the country

♡We make sure the client gets all the information he needs ie. The bus recipients. Bodaboda,cargo truck contact for monitoring the parcel of equipments sent.

For more information.
Contact management.
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0708 327476

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