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About Value Chain Links

What is Value Chain in Agriculture?
Value Chain in Agriculture is a description of activities together with actors that bring agricultural production in the field to final consumption wherein at each stage a product can gain or lose value.

Value Chain Links (VCL) is an agricultural value chain networking company that fosters knowledge and information generation from different value chain actors while creating linkages at different stages.

VCL uses an internet based platform as a vehicle for successful implementation of its activities that include networking, trade and brokerage, consultancy, and value chain information sharing.




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The most efficient agricultural networking platform for locating value chain actors.


We exist to improve our stakeholders’ standards of living through bridging the information gaps at each level of production in agriculture while complying with the social, socioeconomic, economic, environmental, and global standards and dynamics of various communities using an internet-based platform.

Core values

Professionalism, transparency, integrity, unity.

Word from our Director

A warm welcome from Kabuubi Paulo. On behalf of the Value Chain Links( VCL) team, I welcome you to our official website.

 It is a privilege to lead VCL in a path directed towards economic development through addressing the challenge of information asymmetry across value chains by providing information using our web based platform. 

VCL aims to foster income generation through addressing the information gaps across the various value chain stages in all parts of Uganda and the outside world. 

We believe that a lot of income can be generated if all parties in the value chain acquire the relevant information required in their day to day activities. This is the PROBLEM Value Chain Links company aims to solve. 

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