When I meet smallholders, I see how well they are prepared for the coming Change.AND, THE CHANGE IS COMING.CHANGE starts; small, weak, fragile, and almost neglectable.Then, it slowly gains supporters and momentum; it is growing stronger, getting its spirit of life.And, one day, you notice that everything is different; the “Change” that started small and unnoticeable has become the New Norm. THERE IS HOPE FOR SMALLHOLDERSI noticed some indications for the excellent Change that smallholders in many emerging economies are about to experience.* Smallholders are fed up with their current state. They are ready and eager to do things differently, when and if they see how it will improve their future and their families. * The young in the rural areas take control from the “old generation.” They are looking for the same lifestyle as their friends in the cities and the one they see on their mobile screens. * Governments understand that “more of the same” is not an option anymore. They design and execute National Programs. * The UN ranks the war on poverty in the first place amongst the SDGs. * Investors are less likely to invest in purely philanthropic, non-business-oriented projects. Players are more sophisticated and looking for a business model to enable continuous success. * Technologies are more advanced, available, and accessible than ever. Many of which are suitable for smallholders. * Knowledge is expanding and growing fast. Thanks to improved communication, knowledge and most recent experiences are accessible to smallholders. * Trading and logistics, local and international, have evolved during the COVID 19 pandemic. It is now more accessible and easy to use by smallholders than ever before. * Public opinion is positive and prefers small farmers. It is reflected in their willingness to pay a premium price for “natural products.”* Business models are far more sophisticated and advanced. They become smallholder-oriented and better tailor-made for the purpose.  Yet, we are facing one big final challenge. For that CHANGE to occur, people must believe it is possible or that the current state is no longer accepted.People must get over the hedge of mistrust and skepticism, developed during decades if not centuries, of failed attempts to bring a positive Change and prosperity.In their minds, people still think, “Yes, sure, why should we believe what you say and bring is any different from past unfulfilled promises .” Mistrust and misbelief are all over, and I fully sympathize and understand those feelings.I say “people,” as “leaders” often follow underway changes and take the lead at later stages.At this stage, I know that smallholders and exporters who experienced the wonders of the Green Valley projects have gone over the hedge of mistrust and skepticism.It happened after they personally saw and witnessed the Green Valley results, experienced its wonders, AND enjoyed the increasing income.Then they shared their experience with their neighbors and friends.I understand that behavior, which results from decades of repeated failures. Now, only “to see is to believe,” and finally, they have seen it.They saw how, without sprays and not much work, the fruit flies and their catastrophic damage disappeared and no longer posed a risk to their crops.They saw the fruit traders looking for them and asking to buy their fruit (not their neighbors’ outside the project).They saw how Senegal’s mango export doubles itself within a year.They saw how their income increased by tens and hundreds of percent in one year.They saw they could trust the Green Valley team and me.They saw they could have a better future.NOW they want to preserve the Change. On the evening of the 2022 New Year, I invite you to shed your mistrust and skepticism and participate in leading THE CHANGE. This is your opportunity to create your legacy.Now is time for “skin in the game,” for stakeholders, decision-makers, importers, supermarket chains, and investors to Join Green Valley.It is time to lead, increase the export of produce by hundreds and thousands of percent, bring prosperity to your country, and build your legacy alongside fame and much income.Is this not for you?How do you want to be remembered when you grow old and retire?What legacy will you leave your children? 
Bob Marley, about richness and money.
2021 – THREE THINGS I AM MOST PROUD OF1) The trust Senegalese smallholders’ mango growers put in the Green Valley team and me.2) The successful initiation of the Green Valley 2,500 hectare pilot in Senegal helped Senegal nearly double its mango export in one year.3) I found the open minds of The International Business Models & Agri-Tech Conference (IBMA) team. They were ready to experience a new approach towards “Agriculture Conferences,” where Technology is NOT the main topic, but Business Models and Technologies. TRUST is the most valuable currency in bringing Change.  2022 – THREE THINGS I WISH FOR1) To see Green Valley Senegal project continue growing and copy-paste its success (story and operation) to other countries.2) To see consumers and investors in advanced economies better realizing the unique qualities and substantial potential quantities, and hence the business potential they (and all of us) can gain by working with smallholders.3) To see the success of the BMTA Conference and global recognition of the importance of “dedicated business models” for smallholders’ prosperity. I would love it if you were willing to share three things you are proud of and took part in in 2021 and three things you wish for yourself or someone else in 2022. If your “wish list” for 2022 includes;Increasing the value of your fruit exports.OR,Increasing the export quantity of high added value produce.OR,Increasing the value $ per hectare your farmers grow, i.e., quality and quantity.OR,Re-building the fruit trees’ industry of your region or country.OR,Decreasing the use of pesticide sprays while increasing crop protection efficacy.OR,Investing in the agro-sector of emerging economies for export purposes. Don’t hesitate to contact me, and I would be delighted to work with you on a plan and take it forward. 
Press here or the picture for my 2022 New Year Blessing to you.
 I know this year will be your best, so far. Make sure you do the right thing with it.
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